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Reporting a problem

Contact us whenever you receive errors when using Lightspeed eCom. Make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • What is the URL (the internet web address) of the page where the problem occurs?
  • Which internet browser is used in which operating system and on which device? Do not forget to note the version of the internet browser and operating system.
  • If possible, have a screenshot of the problem.
  • What steps do we need to follow to see the problem?
  • If possible, provide the IP address from which work is being done.

Customer and checkout issues

Your customer may report an issue to you. Please attempt to obtain the following additional information in addition to the above:

  • Which products(s) were ordered and if possible, the order number.
  • Which payment method was chosen?
  • Which shipping location was chosen?
  • Is an AdBlocker being used?

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