Troubleshooting shipping method not displayed in checkout

If customers do not see shipping methods listed in the checkout area, check these settings.

  1. Make sure that you have configured shipping methods. On the left menu of the Back Office click Settings > Shop Settings > Shipping methods.
  2. Make sure that you have created a shipping method for the customer's country of origin. For every shipping method, select the countries for which it is valid.


  3. Make sure that your shipping weights are correctly set up. Shipping methods use weights. If products separately or collectively exceed the weight class of a shipping method, your customers will not be able to select it.

To troubleshoot a shipping integration

If you use an integration such as PostNL, check these settings.

  1. Make sure you have activated the status.


  2. Make sure your details have been entered correctly. Contact the shipping get to obtain the correct details. 

    The settings can be different per PSP.  

  3. Make sure you have created a price matrix.

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