Adding a Facebook store

Facebook has millions of users worldwide, and is a great platform for reaching your target audience.

With a Facebook store, customers can purchase from you while they're logged into Facebook. Activating a Facebook store is free of charge.

To create a Facebook account

To activate a Facebook store, first create a corporate page in Facebook. You can also do this from your Facebook account.

  1. Go to the Facebook website.
  2. Click Create a page and choose a category for your online store. Enter the name of the Facebook page, for example the same name as your online store.
  3. On the registration page, create a personal or corporate account, or log into your Facebook account. If you do not want your personal account to be linked to your corporate account and have not created a Facebook account for your company, select I do not have a Facebook account to create one for your company.
  4. Upload an image, for example your logo.
  5. Click Invite friends to invite your Facebook friends, or send an invitation to Hotmail, Gmail and other contacts.
  6. Add the URL of your online store. It will be displayed in the About information section on Facebook. Other information will be displayed at the side of your Facebook page.

To create a Facebook store

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Design > Facebook commerce.
  2. Enter your Facebook page ID or click Connect with Facebook and enter your Facebook page URL and click Find numeric ID and paste it in Facebook page ID.


  3. Activate Show headlines if you want to include your Headlines in your Facebook store.


  4. Activate Use header to display a header, and add a header image.
  5. Click Save to activate Facebook Commerce. 
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