About related products

This page displays products that resemble or are related to products that currently reside in shopping carts of customers. An example: A customer has placed a home appliance in his/her shopping cart. Under Related similar products of other manufacturers may be displayed, but also accessories or requirements (if applicable; think for example of items such as batteries that are not included).

A maximum of five products will be visible in the related products section in the checkout. If the products in the checkout area when added have less than five related products, this list will be supplemented with products placed on the front page through GENERAL > Design > Frontpage products in the left menu of the back office.

Would you like to relate products to each other? If so, navigate to the overview page of your product range through CATALOG > Products in the left menu of the back office. Select the product you wish to relate to other products and click the Related tab.

On the page that appears, you will see two columns. The left one contains a search field and your product range, arranged per individual product. You can relate visible products to your chosen product by clicking the green plus icon next to them.

Is your product range extensive and do you not want to be busy scrolling up and down for too long? You can relate the search results found by clicking the green plus icon to the right of every individual item. Selected related products will appear to the right, in the second column.

In the case of several related products you can modify their order by grabbing the drag icon for each individual product and drag it to its desired position.

Would you like to delete related products? Click them. At the right at the bottom of the screen the Delete selected button will appear. Click it to permanently delete your selection.

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