Connect your domain name (European merchants)

In order to get your online store indexed, it is vital that you connect it to a domain as soon as possible. 

Note: To connect the domain name for North American stores, see here.

If you are in Europe, use these steps

    1. Buy a domain name for your store through a reliable hosting provider.
    2. Choose between a DNS or name server connection:
      • Name server connection - Everything is operated through SEOshop, both your website and email.
      • DNS connection - Only your website is operated through SEOshop, you retain full control over your email.
    3. Enter the following data with your hosting provider:

Name server connection

Most domain name providers will allow you to modify these data yourself. If not, you can pass them on to your provider by mail or telephone:

Primary name server
* Host: ****
* IP: ****

Secondary name server
 * Host: ****
 * IP: ****

Tertiary name server
 * Host: ****
 * IP: ****

DNS connection

Usually, you can set up DNS connections yourself with your domain name provider.

Modify/add the records below to your DNS Record

Record 1
 * Name: www
 * Type: A
 * Value:

Record 2
 * Name: *
 * Type: A
 * Value:

Record 3 (when you have to fill in something, then fill in @)
 * Name:
 * Type: A
 * Value:

If you want to use a DNS link to operate your email traffic through SEOshop, add an MX record and send it to IP address

Note: In the DNS link scenario, SEOshop will only host your online store. You have to make your own arrangements to deal with emails. If you have a DNS server and yet prefer to operate the e-mail address through SEOshop, add an MX record and forward it to 10 Enter @ in the record name field.

Linking your domain name to SEOshop

After configuring all required settings with your hosting provider, you will have to add the domain name through GENERAL > Settings > Emails & domains in the left menu of the back office. Navigate to GENERAL > Settings > General > E-mails & domains in the left menu of the back office. Add your domain name by clicking the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen.


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