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When customers place an order in your online store, an account is automatically created (even when they order as guests). Customers can only be removed if there are no orders connected to them. You can remove customers by clicking the red minus sign next to them. However, it is possible to set the status of customers to “invisible”. You can do so by clicking the eye icon to the right. In Germany, it is mandatory to remove all customer data upon their request. By clicking the eye icon, as a merchant you will delete data from the back office, without removing the customer data connected to the order in question.

Navigate to SALES > Customers in the left menu of the back office to get an overview of all your customers. In it, you can see at a glance who have subscribed to your newsletter.

You can also manually create an account for your customers. This can be done by clicking the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. You can then add the name and email address of the customer in question. On the customer info page you can subsequently add more detailed information.

Data page

On the data page you can modify the contact and address details of your customers, as well as add them to a specific customer group.


  • Language - the language chosen by the customer in your online store. It is the language in which the customer has registered or placed an order. These are the same languages that are added to your shop at GENERAL > Settings > Language.
  • Gender - Gender of the customer
  • Firstname - firstname of the customer
  • Middlename -  middlename of the customer
  • Lastname - lastname/surname of the customer
  • E-mail - the email address of the customer
  • Approved - This option is only available if you use the B2B module. This module allows you to require prior approval, before customers can make a purchase. Select this option to approve customers. 
  • Newsletter - This option is activated if the the customer accepted the newsletter registration.
  • Phone number - landline phone number of the customer
  • Mobile phone number - Mobile phone number of the customer
  • Date of birth - Date of birth of the customer
  • Customer type - type of customer
    • Registered customer - The customer has created an account in your online store
    • Guest - the customer has placed an order as a guest and did not create an account in your online store.

Customer groups

  • Customer groups - Select the group to which you want to add the customer. You first have to create groups before you can add the customer.


  • Customer type - Activate this option if the customer is a business customer. The customer can also select this option in the checkout or during registration. 
  • Company name - Customer's company name
  • CoC number - The Chamber of Commerce registration number
  • VAT number - The VAT number of the company
  • National identification number - National identification number of the customer

Billing address & Shipping address

  • For the attention of - name of the customer
  • Street name & number - street name and number of the customer.
  • Address line 2 - extra address line (optional)
  • Zip code & city - zip code and city of the customer.
  • Province / region & country - the province/region and country of the


  • Info - Here you will again find customer data. With the buttons at the right at the bottom of the screen you can send messages to your customers, resend them their password and create/view orders.
  • Messages - If you have contacted a given customer before, you will see an overview of all contact moments here. These are all the messages sent through Notify customer.
  • Memo - Here you can create memos for personal use, invisible to your customers.
  • Groups - Click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen to add a given customer to a customer group.
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