Extensions in your back office

Through GENERAL > Extensions in the left menu of the back office you can add several extensions to your online store, at additional charges. Contrary to the apps, these have been developed by SEOshop.

  • Multishop - The Multishop module enables you to manage several online stores, using one central supply. This allows you to market products through different online stores and facilitates conducting business internationally.

  • Product filters - Use this tool to add filters to your online store catalogue, thus enabling your customers to filter by size, colour and more, as a result of which they can quicker find what they are looking for.

  • Extra product variants - Use this extension if you intend your product range. The difference between a product and a product variant is that the latter one contains a type indicator. An example: As a product, a T-shirt may come in variants such as green or blue, or S, M, L or XL (its size). The maximum has been established based on the number of product variants, because it always exceeds that of available products.

  • Translations - Use this extension to automatically translate your texts. This will save you a considerable amount of time, although you will have to proofread all translations carefully.

  • Extra user account - Would you like to collaborate with co-workers in your online store, or do you employ staff you want to grant access to the back office? Use this extension to create extra user accounts. The number depends on your online store subscription package.

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