Configuring workflow settings for your online store

Configure settings for product pages and inventory management. On the left menu of the Back Office navigate to SYSTEM > Settings > STORE SETTINGS > Workflow.


  • Price per unit - Display or hide unit prices.
  • Custom Template data - Activate this only if you are familiar with HTML and CSS. Data fields will appear in product pages and you can customize some elements at the product level, and modify them using the Template Editor, currently available in English only.
  • Custom canonical URLs - If your webstore has some pages with similar or identical content, enable this to use pages with canonical URLs, which are given priority in search results.


  • Include new categories in catalog - automatically include every new category in your shop or catalog. 
  • Select whether New products should be
    • Hidden
    • Always visible
    • Show when in stock.


  • Order quantity for new products - The minimum and maximum amounts of products that customers can order. The default minimum is usually 1. 
  • Track inventory - Activate to track whether ordered products are deducted from stock.
    • Activated: Notifies you when the number in stock for products reaches below the minimum, and checks the status of Allow backorders.
    • Deactivated: Does not notify you when the number in stock for products reaches below the minimum. Customers can order out of stock products.
    You can check from Products > Inventory whether the number in stock of a product is below the minimum inventory level. The quantity for the product will be displayed in orange.
  • Allow backorders - Allow purchases when products are not in stock. Note: Products will always be visible in your shop if you select this option. 
  • Default stock level for new products - Default number in stock for new products.
  • Notify when inventory is below - Minimum quantity of stock that should be in inventory. When stock hits or falls below this level, the Quantity for the product displays in yellow on the Inventory page, as well as in the INVENTORY & VARIANTS area on the product's edit page.
  • Minimum quantity in stock - If you configure that a product cannot be purchased if it is out of stock or not sufficiently in stock, enter the number here below which customers can no longer order it. The default is 0.



  • Sort products by – Sorts the products on the packing note by the option you select, for example, by their article code.
  • Label rotation - Applies to shipping options such as Paazl, bPost and PostNL, which allow shipping labels to be placed horizontally or vertically.
  • Label alignment - Applies to shipping options such as Paazl, bPost en PostNL, where shipping labels can be aligned to the left or right.
  • Advanced options – Click to set these packing note options:
    • Hide the shipping label - Applies to shipping options such as Paazl, bPost and PostNL where you can deactivate shipping labels.
    • Hide the EAN code – Do not show the EAN code on the packing note.
    • Show the HS code – Displays the HS code on the packing note. Some shippers require HS codes for international shipments.
    • Hide customer contact information– Activate to hide a customer’s contact information on the packing note.
    • Swap billing and delivery address – By default, the billing address is listed at the bottom left of the packing note and the delivery address at the right. Activate this to swap their positions.
    • Use order number as barcode (instead of the shipment ID) - If you ship through Paazl One-click-shipping, the order number will have to be used as a barcode. Choose this to use the order number as a barcode on packing notes.


Configure automatic emails for orders. When this option is turned OFF the following emails are not sent:

  • Order invoice - Sends customers an email with the order data and accompanying invoice (PDF) after they place an order.
  • Order confirmation -  Sends customers a confirmation email after they place an order.
  • Order paid - Sends customers a payment confirmation email after they paye for their order.
  • Order cancelled - Sends customers a confirmation email after they cancel an order.

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