Configuring general settings for your online store

You can modify and configure various settings for your online store in the Back Office. For example, you can control whether or not customers can log in via their Facebook account, and also whether or not your store allows wish lists. 

To configure store settings, go to SYSTEM > Settings > GENERAL SETTINGS > Advanced.


Select the form fields that your customers fill in when they create an account in your online store and/or set their shipping coordinates.


  • Choose whether customers can contact you through tickets, through a Contact form or both.
  • Disable or enable purchase returns.
  • Set Account password strength:
    • Normal -  All passwords are permitted.
    • Strong -  Passwords must contain a minimum of 1 digit.
    • Strongest - Password must contain a minimum of 1 digit and 1 special character.
  • Set a Feedback BCC E-mail - Enter the email address for customer reviews from Trusted Shops or Trustpilot. You can optionally enter your email address to receive notifications for customer orders.



  • Show demobar - If enabled, an orange bar with the following text displays at the top of your online store: This store is under construction. Any placed orders will not be honored or fulfilled. You can use this demo bar while you are creating or updating your product portfolio.
  • Prices excl. VAT - If you sell primarily to other businesses (B2B), select this to display prices with VAT excluded. This function is visible only if you have the B2B module installed.
  • Cost Price - When enabled, only users with the relevant access rights can edit the cost price of products.
  • Social login - Requires all purchasing customers to register, and gives them the to to log in through Facebook.


  • Related products - Enable this option to make the related products block visible in the shopping cart.
  • Discount code - Enable this option to display the Discount code block on the shopping cart and checkout pages.


  • Calculate shipping costs - Enable this option to display the calculate shipping costs block in the shopping cart.


  • Newsletter - Enable this option to allow subscriptions to your newsletter.


  • Show progress - Enable this option to display the checkout progress bar. This is the step bar seen in the shopping cart of your online store.


  • Show shopping cart - Select this to display the shopping cart contents after customers click Finish order.
  • Show tax in checkout - Select this to display VAT/taxes in the checkout (step 4)
  • Show tax - Select this to display VAT/taxes in the shopping cart.


  • HS code - Select this to enable configuring HS codes in the Price and Stock tabs. Some shipping companies require HS codes for international shipments. To configure the codes, go to CATALOG > Products in the Back Office and click the product you want to work with.
  • Stay on this page - Stay on the product page after adding the product to the shopping cart.
  • Wish list - Enable wish lists to allow your customers to create a wish list in their account.


  • Prices - Select whether prices are displayed. You should disable this option if you have not finished stocking your online store and do not want competitors to know your prices.
  • Shopping cart - If not enabled, customers can't add products to their shopping cart or pay for them.
  • Minimum order amount - Enter a minimum amount for customer orders.
  • Show variants - Choose always or with two or more variants.
    • always: product variants are displayed in a drop-down list in a random order.
    • with two or more variants: variants are displayed only if their number is two or higher. We recommend choosing with two or more variants.
  • Legal mode - This option is primarily intended for the German market. Set it to Strict to comply with all legal requirements in Germany. Dutch online retailers with a Dutch online store can leave this option set to Normal.


  • Registration - If disabled, visitors to your online store will not be able to create an account and the shopping cart function will not available. 
  • Adress details - Specify whether your customers' address details are required, not required or optional when registering on your online store. 


Choose whether or not your customers are required to enter their email address when they post a product review.

  • Deactivated: email address not required
  • Optional: email address not required, but customers can enter one
  • Activated: email address required.


  • Layout - Specify how you want products in a collection displayed on your online store: Grid or List view.
  • Sort by - Specify how products are sorted.
  • Products per page - Specify the number of products to display per page.
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