Configuring Google Analytics

Find out how many people visit your online store, where visitors come from, which of them purchase the most, and much more. Find out whether your online campaigns are successful.

To set up Google Analytics

If you have a Google Analytics account, when you log in you an overview of the linked to your account is displayed. The UA code (tracking ID) is shown between brackets, next to the name you have assigned to the link. Click here for more information.

  1. To use Google Analytics, you need an account. Go to the Google Analytics website to create one.
  2. Click Sign Up and enter the URL of your online store and other data. At the bottom of the page the text Get Tracking Code will be displayed.
  3. After you accept the General Terms and Conditions the tracking code will be displayed. Copy it, because you will need it for the subsequent steps.
  4. Under the Google Analytics tracking code click the Property settings arrow to open the Analytics menu.
  5. At the right side of the screen click the Profile Settings option below Profile.
  6. In the E-commerce Settings area go to E-commerce tracking.
  7. From the list select Yes, an E-commerce website.
  8. On the left menu of the eCom Back Office click SYSTEM > Settings > Website Settings > Web statistics.
  9. Click Set up Google Analytics and paste the tracking code in the Tracking ID field.
  10. Activate Status.
  11. Select whether you want to track conversion. For an online store, it is advisable to have conversion measured.


Tracking search queries

A search-query in Lightspeed eCom is by default " ?q ". To have Google Analytics track these queries, in the Google Dashboard go to Admin > View > View Settings > Query parameter and fill in the letter q.

To create target conversions

A target conversion can be a purchase in your online store, or a whitepaper download, for example.

  1. Log onto your Google Analytics account.
  2. On the Analytics menu under Profile click Targets.
  3. Select Create target.
    • Step 1: Configure your target conversion. For an online store, this is Place an order.
    • Step 2: Configure the conversion type by choosing how conversions are completed. For an online store, this is displaying a Thank You page, so  select Destination.
    • Step 3: Enter the URL of the destination page and save your changes.
  4. On the left menu of the eCom Back Office go to Settings and from Website Settings choose Web statistics.
  5. Click Google Analytics and turn on Measuring conversion.

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