Activating your mobile store

Lightspeed eCom gives you the ability to activate your mobile online store for free.

NOTE: All of the themes in the Theme Store have a responsive layout. Use the mobile option only if you use an old theme with a non-responsive design. If you have a responsive theme do not activate mobile commerce. If you are unsure about what type of theme you're using, contact Lightspeed Support.

  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Design > Mobile Commerce and choose Activate mobile commerce.
  2. Choose your mobile commerce settings.
Icon Icon, such as your logo, displayed when customers use your app.
Launch screen Image displayed before opening your online store on a mobile phone. 


Navigation bar Color of the bar at the top of the page that also contains the shopping cart icon.
Toolbar Color for navigation bar with Recommended, Newest and Popular.
Sidebar Left sidebar displayed when customers click the top button at the left of the screen of their mobile phone.
Titles Color of your product titles.
Texts Text colors.
Links Link colors.
Prices Color used to display prices.
Buttons Color of the Add to cart button displayed under products.
Background Background color of your mobile online store.


Include custom.css Edit your online store using Custom CSS. If you do not have the required expertise, we recommend not doing this yourself.
Use header Use the header of your online store in the mobile version.
Header Add a header for mobile format (320 x 60 pixels) by clicking Change.


SETTINGS (continued...)
Show amount of products in category Show category numbers next to category names in menu.
Show offers Show the Offer option in menu. This page displays products that have been assigned an old price in the Price and stock tab of the Products page.
Show brands Show Brands option in menu. Displays an overview product brands.
Show tags Show Tags option in menu. Displays an overview of product tags.
Show all products Show All products in menu. Displays an overview available products.
Show headlines Show headlines (slider) in mobile app. Click the headline you want to use. You can add special mobile headlines through Design > Headlines.
Set front page Select whether you want to display products or categories on the front page of your mobile store.
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