B2C vs. B2B

If you use Lightspeed eCom's B2B module, it's important to note that ALL visitors to your online store must log in and have the relevant access permissions to see prices and make purchases. There is no distinction made between a regular consumer that visits your store and a business.

If you want to allow regular consumers to make purchases through your online store, without logging in or requiring prior authorization, we recommend that you create a second store, identical to your first. Set up your second store as a B2B (Business to Business) store, and your first as a standard B2C (Business to Consumer) store. You can then use the template editor to add a link to the navigation bar of your B2C store that redirects customers to your B2B store. Additionally, you can use the eCom Multishop option so that both stores use the same inventory.

This is an example of a link to a B2B store within a B2C store:


This is an example of a navigation bar with the B2B link displayed:


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