Manage stock of mutiple shops in one environment

SEOshop lets you manage the inventory of several online stores within a single management interface. You do this using the Multishop tool, which connects the inventory of multiple online stores—using product EAN and/or SKU codes—and lets you then view and manage the inventory across these stores.

When you enable and configure Multishop, you must connect similar products to each other using their product EAN and/or SKU code, so that SEOshop synchronizes inventory across all stores. For example, if you sell product X in online stores A and B, it must have the same EAN and/or SKU code in both stores. In addition, if you use product variants (color, size, and so on), each variant is considered a separate product requiring a unique EAN and/or SKU code.

Once you connect similar products using their EAN and/or SKU code, the Multishop tool also synchronizes the following product information across all stores included in the configuration:

  • minimal order amount
  • weight
  • cost price

Enabling Multishop

NOTE: Before enabling Multishop, make sure the EAN and/or SKU codes, amount in stock, minimal order amounts, weights and the cost price of similar products (in other words, products that you want to connect to each other) are the same. Not doing so may result in synchronization issues.

To enable Multishop

  1. In the left menu of the back office go to GENERAL > Extensions.
  2. Do this for each online store that you want to include in the Multishop configuration.
  3. To finalize the connection, contact Lightspeed Customer Support by submitting a ticket through MY ACCOUNT > Customer service in the left menu of the back office. Include the customer numbers of the online stores you wish to connect in your ticket. The customer number of each store is displayed at the top-left of your screen in the back office. 

Configuring Multishop

  1. In the left menu of the back office go to MULTISHOP > Stock. This option appears in the left menu of the back office once Lightspeed Customer Support finalizes the Multishop configuration for you.
  2. Click the Settings tab on the top-right.  
  3. Open the Sync by drop-down menu to select how product variants should be connected. This can be done by EAN or SKU.
NOTE: The settings must be the same for each store connected via Multishop! 
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