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Submitting eCom feature requests

To submit feature requests related to Lightspeed eCom, a ticket should be created and sent to the eCom support team with specific information as described in this article. You can submit any feedback related to Lightspeed eCom, including feedback related to:

  • The areas in your eCom Back Office
  • The functions of your website
  • How eCom interacts with information in an point of sale of a physical store, such as Lightspeed Retail or OnSite. (Known as Omnichannel).

To submit feature requests that are unrelated to Lightspeed eCom, see:

Steps to submitting your eCom feature request:

  1. Click here to create a support ticket.
  2. Enter your email address.  
  3. Enter the subject. Your subject should contain a quick summary of the issue.
  4. Enter the description. Provide as much information as possible, such as:
    • Your current workflow you're using because the feature is missing
    • The workflow you would use if the feature was implemented
    • Why you need this feature to be implemented
  5. Optionally, enter your Shop ID and phone number.
  6. Select the category you think best fits your feature request.
  7. Add any screenshots of where you think the feature should be, or other visual aids.
  8. Click Submit

Reviewing your feature request

Once you submit your feature request, it will be reviewed by our Support team.

  • You will be notified by a Support team member once your feature has been reviewed.
  • A Support team member may ask for more information about your feature request.
  • If your feature request is regarding a feature that already exists in Lightspeed eCom, the Support team will explain how to use it.

Implementing your feature requests

Lightspeed is committed to prioritizing features that will make the biggest impact and help the most merchants.

When planning our roadmap, Lightspeed balances it's resources and focuses on the most pressing issues and the most promising features. Reacting quickly to change requires us to have fluid priorities, which prevents us from publically commiting to individual features and release dates.

Please make sure to visit the Lightspeed eCom changelog and Omnichannel sections of the Retail and OnSite release notes periodically to see if a feature you suggested has been implemented.

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