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Preparing orders for pickup

When a customer selects In-store pickup in checkout, an order is created with the status Prep in-store pickup. You must prepare the order to notify the customer to come to your location and pick up the order.


Read Setting up in-store or curbside pickup for help with these requirements:

  • An in-store pickup shipping method must be enabled.
  • The Ready for pickup template must have a subject and body.


  1. Open an order with the status Prep in-store pickup.
  2. Identify the contents of the order and prepare the products for pickup. Package, reserve, wrap or organize the order as required.
  3. In the order, select Mark as ready for pickup. An email based on the Ready for pickup template will automatically be sent to the order's email address. 
  4. When the customer picks up the order, select Mark as picked up.

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