Introductie van Omnichannel

Lightspeed's Omnichannel solution allows you to seamlessly integrate your online and in-store sales channels using either:

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As a brick-and-mortar retailer, you can launch your online store (using Lightspeed eCom) and sync inventory, sales reporting, and customer profile data from either Lightspeed Retail or Lightspeed OnSite. This integration enables you to:

  • Create an online store from within Lightspeed Retail or OnSite in a few clicks.
  • Quickly upload products, photos and product information from Lightspeed Retail or OnSite to Lightspeed eCom in a few easy steps and have a unified view of your inventory.
  • Sync your online sales back to Lightspeed Retail or OnSite, allowing you to view eCom and in-store sales data in a single glance.
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