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Identifying your Omnichannel solution

No matter if you're using Retail with eCom, OnSite with eCom or eCom as a stand-alone product, we have a tailored collection of Help articles for your Omnichannel or eCom solution.

To guide you to the collection that applies to you and ensure you find the help you need, we've included additional information and visual telltales for each of the 3 solutions:

Retail with eCom (Omnichannel)

Your inventory is connected to our cloud-based POS, Lightspeed Retail. For more information, please see our Retail with eCom Help articles.


OnSite with eCom (Omnichannel)

Your inventory is connected to our server-based POS, Lightspeed OnSite. For more information, please see our OnSite with eCom Help articles.


eCom (stand-alone)

Your inventory isn't connected to one of our brick and mortar POS systems. You manage your inventory only in eCom. For more information, please see our eCom (stand-alone) Help articles.


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