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Customizing gift cards

Customers can add specific details to gift cards during checkout, including their name and the recipient’s name and a personalized message, resulting in an overall improved gift-giving experience. You can also add custom images for customers to select when sending a gift card, increasing your brand visibility and providing an even more personalized experience. 

Personalized fields 

Your customers can personalize gift cards during the checkout process. Before adding to the cart, the customer has to fill out the recipient’s name and email address, the sender’s name, and can add an optional message.

Gift card sell screen with fields to fill out personalized information.

Custom images

In addition to a selection of stock images, you can also add custom images for your customers to choose from during checkout. This gives you better control over your brand visibility and more options to create a personalized experience for your customers. 

Adding custom images

Before you add custom images to your library, ensure your images fit the following specifications:

  • File size: 1MB maximum for each image.
  • File format: JPG, PNG, or JPEG.
  • Aspect ratio: Exact dimensions for images is 714 x 516 px, although a ratio of 4:3 will usually display correctly.
  • Amount: You can have a maximum of ten custom images in your library at one time. This total includes shown and hidden images. The stock images are not included in this total.

To add custom images to your library:

  1. Navigate to Customers > Gift Cards.
  2. Click Gift card settings
  3. Scroll to the Gift card design section.
  4. Drag and drop an image or browse from your computer to add an image. It will automatically be shown in the default first position. If you upload more than one image at a time, the image uploaded last will be the default. Gift card design section with option to add custom image highlighted.
  5. Click Save changes.

Because changes are reflected in your eCom store in real time, changes to images do not save automatically. You must manually save changes to images.

Managing custom image visibility

With the ability to hide both custom and stock images, you can keep your gift card checkout seasonally appropriate. Images for specific holidays, seasons, or promotions can be hidden when no longer applicable and made visible again when needed. 

  1. Navigate to Customers > Gift Cards.
  2. Click Gift card settings
  3. Scroll to the Gift card design section.
  4. Hover over an image until the hide/show icon is visible. Gift card design section with the hide/show icon displayed on a custom image.
  5. Click the icon to move the image into the hidden designs section. These images will not be displayed to your customer but will remain in your library. To make an image visible again, click the hide/show icon on a hidden image.Hidden designs section with the hide/show icon displayed on a custom image.
  6. Click Save changes.

You can delete any custom image you have uploaded to the library by clicking the trash icon on the image. You cannot delete stock images, only hide them from your customers’ view. 

Setting a default image

The default image is the first stock or custom image displayed for customers to choose when customizing their gift card. The first image in your images library, usually the last image added, is considered the default. To change the default image, click and drag an image from your library to the first position on the row. 

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