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Adding upselling to the shopping cart

You can choose products to upsell for your eCom store. The products are displayed on the shopping cart page. Customers can add the products to the shopping cart before they enter the checkout. You can add a maximum of five products.

You can also use Upselling to offer gift packaging.

Shows an upselling box with two products on the cart page. An arrow is pointing to a checkbox to select a product.

Activating checkout upselling

  1. In your eCom admin, select Checkout > Upselling.
  2. Switch on Activate checkout upselling to display the box in the checkout area.
    Shows the switch to activate upselling.
  3. Enter the name you want displayed above the box in the Set title field, such as Popular products or We suggest:.
    Shows the title field.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Select Add a product and choose the products you want to display.

Next steps

Set up Related products.

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