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Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to easily move from one page to another, or to a specific page, in the Lightspeed eCom Back Office. To see a list of keyboard shortcuts, press the question mark (?) key on your keyboard (Shift + /). 

NOTE: The plus sign (+) in the table, below, denotes the combination of 2 keys. You do not have to use this to open the page. For example, to go to the Customer Overview page simply press gc. 

g + / Opens the search bar in the Back Office. You can use the search bar to search for things like an order or customer number. 
g + c Opens the Customer Overview page (/admin/customers)
g + d Opens the Discount Code page (/admin/discount_codes)
g + i Opens the Inventory Management page (/admin/variants)
g + v Opens the invoices and credit invoices overview page for all orders (/admin/invoices)
g + o Opens the Order Overview page (/admin/orders)
g + p Opens the Product Overview page (/admin/products)
g + r Opens the overview page for returns (/admin/rmas)
g + s Opens the Settings page (/admin/settings)
g + t Opens your tasks (/admin/tasks)


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