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Troubleshooting failed payments

If you experience a one-time failed payment, it could be that the customer is having a server or provider problem.

If you continue to experience failed payments:

  • Check if there is a known technical malfunction with the payment service provider (PSP). If we have been notified of technical problems with a PSP, we will create a notification in the Back Office. PSPs do not always notify us of issues, so we recommend that you contact the PSP. They can often see where payment process errors or malfunctions occur.
  • Check your PSP details. On the left menu of the Back Office click Settings and from PAYMENT SETTINGS choose Payment Providers. Verify that the details you entered are correct, and make sure that you have not selected an option that is not possible, or is restricted with your contract.

If these steps do not solved the issue, contact eCom support. Include any order numbers, and if any are listed as Unpaid, do not change their status, the payment methods used and the browser used during checkout. Also mention that you have contacted the PSP and verified your settings.

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