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SEO of your entire online store

An important step for your online visibility is to enter the name and description of your online store in Settings > General. There you will see the following fields:

  • Name - The name you have chosen for your online store. It will be displayed at the left at the top in the browser window (in the tab).
  • Meta Title - The title, one of the most important tags for Google, tells what your online store is all about. Phrase in short and to-the-point (with a maximum of 70 characters, including spaces) how you wish to profile yourself towards your target audience(s).
  • Meta Description - Enter the description of your online store here, as it should appear below the link in search results of search engines. Provide a clear and concisely-phrased text (with a maximum of 160 characters, including spaces), that invites people to visit your site.
  • Meta Keywords - Enter the search terms here by which you wish to be found by search engines. You can use a maximum of 250 characters.
NOTE: Not all search engines use keywords when indexing your online store. Ilse, Vindex, Altavista en Inktomi use keywords; Excite, Fast (AllTheWeb), Google and Northern Light do not.


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