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SEO of your entire online store

An important step for your online visibility is to enter the name and description of your online store in Settings > General. There you will see the following fields:

  • Name - The name you have chosen for your online store. It will be displayed at the left at the top in the browser window (in the tab).
  • Meta Title - The title, one of the most important tags for Google, tells what your online store is all about. Phrase in short and to-the-point (with a maximum of 70 characters, including spaces) how you wish to profile yourself towards your target audience(s).
  • Meta Description - Enter the description of your online store here, as it should appear below the link in search results of search engines. Provide a clear and concisely-phrased text (with a maximum of 160 characters, including spaces), that invites people to visit your site.

    Google may prioritize page content over the meta description if determined to be more relevant to the search results. Ensure that your page content and meta description are optimized for best SEO results.

  • Meta Keywords - Enter the search terms here by which you wish to be found by search engines. You can use a maximum of 250 characters.
Not all search engines use keywords when indexing your online store. Ilse, Vindex, Altavista en Inktomi use keywords; Excite, Fast (AllTheWeb), Google and Northern Light do not.


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