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Photo and image editing software

There are several programs you can use to edit images. You can use software already installed on your Windows PC or Mac. You can also install other software. Some are free to use, and others require a license.

To learn how to crop images, click here.

Pre installed software

Depending on your computer, you can use these preinstalled programs to to adjust, filter and crop your images.


  • Photoshop - Photoshop is a graphics program by Adobe for editing images. Our designers use this software, for example, to create headlines.
  • Illustrator - This program is primarily used for logos. Files with the .eps extension can be enlarged or scaled down without losing focus.
  • Corel Paint shop Pro - A competitor of Photoshop that is easier to use, but has fewer editing capabilities.
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 - A stripped-down version of Photoshop enabling novice users to quickly and easily edit images.


  • Photoshop.com - The online version of Photoshop. It does not have all the editing capabilities of Photoshop. For example, working with different layers is not possible, but it will suffice for small and quick tasks such as removing red eyes, cropping and modifying exposure values. With the Decorate tool, you can add speech balloons and illustrations.
  • Pixlr.com - Available in two versions: Pixlr Express is the basic version for simple editing tasks, such as brightness, contrast and effects. Pixlr Editor is more elaborate, resembling Photoshop with its tool windows and taskbar.
  • Fotoflexer.com - This site uses tabs listing the various editing options. It cannot really be compared to Photoshop but is certainly suitable for editing images.
  • Befunky.com - A versatile online photo editor with clear icons, primarily enabling you to add a multitude of effects.
  • GIMP - GIMP is a software package that offers the same functionality as Photoshop, it only requires more steps to achieve the same results. The program is extensive but has a somewhat steep learning curve, making it harder to master for novice users. With GIMP users can practically do anything, including working with layers, making selections, drawing and adding effects.
  • Google Picasa - A program that allows you to organize photos in an online album (printing, mailing and sharing is done through social media). Google Picasa offers many editing options, including cropping, modifying brightness and contrast, red eye removal and effects.

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