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Troubleshooting direct debit payments to Lightspeed

Direct debit is only available for European merchants. For more information, contact our billing department here.

Direct debit is a useful way to pay for your Lightspeed subscription. When you notice that a payment to Lightspeed has not yet been processed, follow the steps in this article.

  1. Check the date the invoice has been added to your Back Office. Click Settings > General Settings > Invoice details > View invoices.
    1. If the invoice date is less than five days ago, the processing may still be occurring. Refer back to this screen after a total of five days have passed.
    2. If the invoice date is more than five days ago, there is a chance that the direct debit will not work.
  2. Check the following information to ensure it has been entered correctly:
    1. Verify and update your bank details at Settings > General Settings > Invoice details
    2. Ensure your IBAN number is valid.
    3. Verify the name in eCom exactly matches the name on your bank statements.
    4. Call your bank and find out if your bank blocks direct debits. Ensure you have given your bank permission for direct debit.

For further questions about your Lightspeed invoices, contact our billing department here.

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