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Configuring A/B testing

Note: A/B testing and multi-step checkout are only available through the old checkout. If you are using the new checkout and want these features, switch back to the old checkout.

You can use A/B testing on your checkouts to see which checkout performs best. When you run A/B tests, your customers are randomly shown one of the available checkouts. This helps you determine which checkout has the best conversion.

To start A/B testing

    1. In your eCom admin, navigate to Checkout > Dashboard.
    2. In the Configuration area, select the checkout types you want to test. Activating more than one checkout simultaneously automatically starts an A/B test.


Understanding A/B test results

A/B test results can be seen in the chart at the bottom left of the page and the statistics at the top.

Leads Number of customers who open the checkout area from their shopping cart without completing the checkout process.
Conversion Percentage of leads that complete the checkout process. The conversion percentage is calculated as:

Completed/leads = conversion %

For example, if 100 people start the checkout process (leads) and 75 of them complete it, conversion is 75%.

Bounce Customers who leave the checkout area in the first step, where they enter billing data. The difference between abandonment and bounce is where the customer quits. Abandonment is at any step of the checkout process, whereas bounce is when a customer quits during the first step. The bounce percentage is calculated as:

Bounced/leads= Bounce %

For example, if 100 people start the checkout process (leads) and 10 of them quit in the first steps, the bounce rate is 10%.

 Abandonment  Customers who exit the checkout process without completing it. It is calculated as:

Abandoned/leads = Abandonment %

For example, if 100 people start the checkout process (leads) and 15 of them leave without completing the checkout, abandonment is 15%.

By default, all checkouts are monitored in the chart. To configure the checkout information that is displayed, select the checkout option(s) listed at the bottom of the chart to show or hide results related to each one of them.

If you do an A/B test with two checkout types, you can remove the third checkout type from the chart by selecting it in the subtitle. For example, if you do not want the Multi-step checkout to appear in the chart, simply select its corresponding symbol in the subtitle. Mouse over charts to view the precise data. After an extensive A/B test, you can draw conclusions about which checkout works best for your online store.

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