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Connecting a Facebook pixel

Connect a Facebook pixel to understand how your customers are using your eCom store.


  • Have a business or personal Facebook account. This is required to log in to the Facebook Events Manager.

Creating a pixel

  1. Log in to Facebook Events Manager, here.
  2. Click Get Started under the section labeled Facebook Pixel: Track Website Activities.
  3. Click Create.

Installing a pixel

  1. Log in to Facebook Events Manager, here.
  2. Copy your pixel ID. It appears in the Data Sources section under the name of your pixel.

    Shows the Facebook Pixel name and ID

  3. In your eCom Back Office, open Settings > Web Statistics.
  4. Click Setup Facebook Pixel.
  5. Enable the switch labeled Status.
  6. Paste your pixel ID in the available field.
  7. Click Save.

Setup events

  1. Log in to Facebook Events Manager, here.
  2. Click Setup > Set up New Events on the right-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click Use Facebook's Event Setup Tool.
  4. Enter your web address and click Open website.
  5. Wait for the overlay to appear and finish the tutorial by clicking Next until you can click Get Started.
  6. Navigate through your website and create events by clicking Add new event.
  7. When finished adding events, click Finish Setup.
  8. Review your changes and click Finish.

For more information, visit the Facebook support article here.

Shows the Facebook event setup overlay.

Troubleshooting your pixel

Events can take 20 minutes to appear before they are visible in your Event manager. When no events appear after 20 minutes, follow these steps to troubleshoot a Facebook pixel.

  1. Use another device to go to your eCom store and trigger the events you've set up.
  2. Repeat the Installing Pixel instructions to:
    1. Ensure the switch labeled Status is enabled.
    2. Verify the pixel ID is correct.
    3. Ensure there are no blank spaces before or after the pixel ID.
  3. Log in to your Event manager and click Settings. Scroll to Event setup and ensure the correct events are visible. If not, repeat the Creating events instructions.
  4. Install a Google Chrome browser extension called Pixel Helper, here. Pixel Helper assists you in finding out if your pixel is working correctly. For example, it can show you if a pixel is detected on your webpage. For more information about Facebook Pixel Helper, click here.

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