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Viewing eCom invoices

You can download your Lightspeed eCom invoices from inside the eCom Back Office. Do this to confirm your payments and to obtain a copy of your invoices for your records.

In your eCom Back Office, click Settings > Account. Here you'll find a list of your invoices as well as other company and account details. Click Print beside an invoice line to download your invoice.

In order to make a payment, fix an error or ask a question, contact our billing team. For more information, click here.

Different types of invoices

In the invoices screen you will see 2 different types of invoices. Invoices that :

  • Start with the word INVS, are the invoices for your Lightspeed eCom subscription. For example, INVS-123456
  • Start with numbers, are the invoices for theme or app payments. For example, 012345.

NOTE: After cancelling a theme or app, keep in mind you will receive a final invoice sent based on the original signup date.

For example, you sign up for an app on the 12th of the month and you use the app for 3 months. You cancel the app on the 20th day of the 4th month. On the 12th day of the 5th month, you will receive your final invoice.

Paid and unpaid status

When a payment is due, you see a NOT PAID status. Depending on your eCom store's geographic location, you may have the option to click Pay now to complete payment.


Credit and credited status

Due to a billing error, you may also see the credit and credited statuses:

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