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Importing suppliers

Having all your suppliers in Lightspeed eCom is a slight help when manually editing your products because you can select their names from a list instead of having to manually type them.

Unlike most data you can import to Lightspeed eCom, you can only use the Import tool to import new suppliers. Edits to suppliers must be done manually in your eCom Back Office > Products > Suppliers. For more information about editing Suppliers, click here.

A superior way to import suppliers is when importing new products or editing products via import because with one import you can import new suppliers and assign them to your products. Just include a Supplier column in your product's worksheet and enter the names of the suppliers in that column. For more information when importing:

  • New products, click here.
  • Edits to products, click here.


A successful import depends on the quality of your data. That's why most of the steps you need to follow when importing to eCom revolve around your worksheet. For more information on why a worksheet is important, click here.

Use the following instructions to begin:

  1. Preparing your worksheet
  2. Importing your worksheet
  3. Verifying your worksheet

1. Preparing your worksheet

In order to create new suppliers, these steps instruct you to create a new table that will become your worksheet.

  1. Click here to log in to your Google account and open Google Sheets.
  2. Create a new blank sheet by clicking +. This will be used as your worksheet. Click__.png
  3. In column A, row 1: Copy the following required column titles and paste them in your worksheet:
  4. Access your supplier data, if any. Enter your supplier names starting in Column A, Row 2. Enter-supplier-names.png
  5. When you've added all your suppliers, save your worksheet to your computer in CSV format. This can be done by clicking File > Download As > Comma separated values (.CSV). Save-your-working-data-file---Suppliers.png

2. Importing your data file

Now that you've prepared your data file and have it saved to your computer, you can now upload the file to eCom through the Import tool.

  1. Login to your eCom store's Back Office and click Tools. Click_Tools.png
  2. Click New Import. Click_New_import2.png
  3. Click Browse computer. Click-browse-computer2.png
  4. Locate your worksheet and click Open. OpenWorkingDataArtboard2.png
  5. Click Choose what you want to import and select Suppliers. Choose_what_you_want_to_export2.png
  6. The page will continue automatically. Click Select field and select Supplier-Title. For more information about the other field types, click here. Select-supplier-title.png
  7. On the top right-hand side of the screen, click Continue. Click-continue.png
  8. Click Start the import. The import tool will begin processing your import. You do not have to remain on page and may come back to it later. Start_the_import2.png

3. Verify your changes

It is necessary to verify if your edits were successful after starting an import. After checking the import tool for errors, it is important to test some suppliers from your worksheet at random and confirming your edits took place.

Confirm no errors occurred during the import:

  1. Log in to your eCom store's Back Office and click Tools. Click_Tools.png
  2. Locate your import by the date or the filename and click View report beside the status. Click-View-report.png
  3. If any errors are visible, make corrections to your worksheet and import your edits again. To see frequently asked questions and ask your own questions about errors, visit the Lightspeed Community article, here. If_any_errors_are_visible.png

Confirm the edits took place

  1. In Google Sheets, open the worksheet that you uploaded to Lightspeed eCom. Open_Working_data_file__For_3_articles_.png
  2. Select any row at random and copy the supplier's name. Copy-suppliers-name.png
  3. Login to your eCom store's Back Office and click Products. Click_products2.png
  4. Click Suppliers. Click-suppliers.png
  5. Paste your Suppliers name in the search bar. Paste-suppliers.png
  6. Search for your customer's name by pressing Enter on your keyboard. If your supplier's name appears, it has been successfully imported. If-name-appears-it_s-successfully-imported.png
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for a couple suppliers until you're certain all your changes have been correctly imported.

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