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Importing product filter values

Using the import tool to assign filter values to products is faster than manually assigning them. When importing filter values to products using a spreadsheet, we recommend you start by exporting current filters to avoid unwanted data loss. All changes you make to filters and filter values will overwrite existing values when you import the spreadsheet back into eCom C-series.

Downloading the filter export

  1. Log in to eCom using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Exports.
  3. Click Add export.


  4. Choose Filters from the drop-down and click Export


  5. Click Download beside the newest export on the list. 


We recommend making a duplicate of this file and saving it as a backup. If you edit the wrong filter or if any filter data is lost during the import into eCom C-series, you can refer to this backup file to correct any errors.

Editing the filter spreadsheet

Once you’ve exported your filter spreadsheet, you can add filter values to products as required. For more information on creating filters and filter values, see our article Working with filters.

    1. Open the downloaded .CSV file in Excel or Google Sheets.
    2. Enter the filter value required for each product in each filter column. You can assign more than one filter value to a product by adding a comma between the values.
      Note: Filter values are case-sensitive. The value you enter in the cell must match the value in eCom C-series exactly. 


    3. Save the spreadsheet to your computer as a .CSV file. 
Do not delete any filter columns or filter values that you wish to keep, even if you are not currently editing those values. Once imported back to eCom C-series, all changes that were made to the spreadsheet will permanently change the data in eCom C-series. If any filters or filter values are missing from the spreadsheet, they will be erased in eCom C-series. 

Importing the filter spreadsheet

You can now upload the file to eCom through the import tool.

  1. Login to eCom using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Imports.
  3. Click New Import.


  4. Drag and drop or browse your computer for your spreadsheet file. 
  5. In the Set category drop-down, select Product filter values. Do not skip any field types or that data will be lost.  
  6. Click Continue.


A report will generate with the status of your import and the time it took to process. 


Verifying the import

After the spreadsheet is imported to eCom C-series, you should check a few different products to ensure the filter values were added.

  1. Navigate to Products.
  2. Select a product from your product list. 
  3. Scroll down to Filters and ensure the correct values are now applied. 

If values are incorrect or missing, check your spreadsheet to verify all values are spelled and formatted the same as in eCom C-series. Refer to the backup file you saved to ensure no filter columns are missing from your working spreadsheet. Make any required changes and follow the importing instructions.

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