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Redirect column titles

This table lists all the redirects information you can export. This is useful when creating your worksheet for Importing redirects.

Column grouping Column
Suggested column mapping when importing 
01 Required column URL Redirect - URL
02 Required column Target Redirect - Target
03 Required column IsPermanent Redirect - Permanent

Column title descriptions

Required columns

The minimum required columns in a worksheet for a successful import.

Copy this table and paste it into your worksheet:
URL Target IsPermanent
  • URL URL - The web address your traffic attempts to access before being redirected.
  • Target Target - The web address your traffic to which your traffic is being directed.
  • IsPermanent IsPermanent - Whether the redirect is permanent or temporary.
    • Search engines will index your webpage differently if it's a temporary redirect.
    • If permanent, type Yes,
    • if temporary, type No.

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