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ShipStation versus EasyPost

The EasyPost and ShipStation integrations allow merchants to connect to shipping carriers, display live rates at checkout, and print labels for their shipments. Beyond these features, the two integrations differ in a few key ways.

Shipping integration comparison

  shipstation-social-01.png easypost.png

ShipStation offers a more complex carrier integration that gives you a much higher level of control over how a shipment is managed and fulfilled. However, to access the bulk of ShipStation’s larger suite of features a merchant would need to manage the shipment via the ShipStation portal rather than within the eCom admin.

EasyPost is the more simplified of the two carrier integrations and it can be used to easily connect multiple different shipping carriers to your eCom account to display live shipping rates at checkout. The integration allows merchants to manage and fulfill the shipment entirely within eCom but has limits on the level of control you have over how that shipment is handled.

Order and label management Manage your shipments and print your labels via the ShipStation portal rather than in the eCom admin.

Print shipping labels and fulfill your orders only from within the eCom admin.

Automatic shipping rate calculation in Lightspeed eCom at checkout
Tracking number is available in Lightspeed eCom
Tracking number is sent to customer automatically
Option to require signature at pick-up
Option to add a handling cost in addition to shipping charges.
eCom admin > Settings > Shipping methods Integrate ShipStation > CONFIGURATION
Option to add package insurance
Option to split order in multiple shipments
  • Allows you to set a default weight/size for products.
  • Allows you to set a standard box size for your shipments.

Adding weights/dimensions for all items is required to be able to display accurate shipping rates in checkout. This is because the EasyPost integration is not designed to configure default product sizes.

Box dimensions are calculated by the system automatically:

  • For 2 products: The sum of the widths + length + the largest height
  • For 2+ products: The largest dimension in the cart will be considered

Requires you to sign up and pay a monthly fee for the service (prices range from $9-$159 a month)


No sign up fee, only pay 1 cent for each shipping label you print


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