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Session 5 - shipping and emails

This session contains instructions on how to setup your shipping methods and emails.

  1. Setup shipping methods

    Create a shipping method so your customers can complete the process checkout.


    • Deciding on a shipping strategy was covered in Session 1. Learn how to choose your shipping strategy by reading the article located here.

    Setting up your shipping options

    1. Login to your eCom store and click Settings.
    2. Click Shipping methods in the column titled Store Settings.
    3. Create a manual shipping method or use an integration/app to offer shipping options to your customers.
    4. Proceed through checkout and test to make your shipping methods are correct. Read Testing your checkout to learn how.

    For more information regarding the setup of shipping, click here.

  2. Confirm notification email content

    Reviewing the default notification emails is optional. Actions in your eCom store will trigger notification emails like a customer purchasing an order. You can add your eCom store's unique branding to each email, or keep them set as default.

    Accessing your notification emails

    1. Login to your eCom Back Office.
    2. Click Notification emails in the column titled Website Settings.
    3. Click the title of each notification email to open it, view and edit its contents.

    For more information about notification emails, click here.

  3. Add your logo to emails and invoices

    Add a logo to ensure your notification emails and invoices are well branded.


    • Your logo has been created or acquired. This was originally covered in Session 1.

    Adding your logo

    1. Login to your eCom Back Office and click Settings.
    2. Click Company in the first column titled General.
    3. Click Upload new, select your logo and click Open.

You've completed Session 5, begin Session 6 here.

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