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Making products visible or hidden

Make your products appear in your eCom store by setting their visibility.

The three visibility settings are:

  • Always visible - The product is always visible, regardless of stock level.
  • Visible when in stock - The product is visible only when in stock.
  • Hidden - The product is not visible in your online store.

There are four ways you can change the visibility settings of your products:


  1. Login to your eCom Back Office and click Products.
  2. Open a product's settings by clicking on a product title.
  3. At the top of the screen, select the visibility setting you need from the dropdown menu labeled Visibility.
  4. Click Save.


  1. Login to your eCom Back Office and click Products.
  2. Enable the checkbox(es) beside the product title for the products you want to adjust.
  3. Click the item(s) selected button at the top of the table and click either Make visibleMake invisible or Visible when in stock.
  4. Confirm the popup by clicking OK.


When importing products, include a column called Visible. For each product add:

  • Y for Always visible
  • S for Visible when in stock
  • N for hidden

Editing product visibility by importing

  1. Create a product export in Tools > Exports.
  2. Create a seperate import file that is different from your export file in Google Sheets or other spreadsheet software. Copy these column titles into your import file:
    Internal_ID Internal_Variant_ID XX_Title_Short Visible
  3. Copy all the internal IDs and product titles from your product export and paste them in your import file. Add either Y, S or N to specify the visibility of each product.
  4. Import the spreadsheet in Tools > Imports.

Read Editing products through import for complete instructions.

Setting visibility for new products

  1. Create an import file in Google Sheets or other spreadsheet software. You can add any columns you need, these are the minimum required columns:
    XX_Title_Short Visible
  2. Import the spreadsheet in Tools > Imports.

Read Importing new products for complete instructions.


Set the default visibility of products when they're created. This setting affects new products created by:

  • Publishing items in a Retail POS that is connected to your eCom store
  • Importing new products
  • The field automatically selected for Visibility when you click Products New product.

To adjust the default visibility for new products:

  1. Login to your eCom Back Office and click Settings.
  2. Under the Store Settings column, click Workflow.
  3. In the Webstore section, select either Hidden, Always visible or Visible when in stock from the dropdown menu labeled New products should be.
  4. Click Save.

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