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Fixing broken exports

When you download your CSV and open it, all information should be divided into easy to read columns. If all of your data is illegible and the appears mostly in the first column, you may have the incorrect text delimiter set in your eCom Back Office. The required text delimiter depends on your geographic location and your spreadsheet software.

Change your text delimiter by following these instructions. This setting will fix all exports, including products, customers, orders, etc.

  1. In the left menu of the Back Office click Settings.
  2. Under the STORE SETTINGS column, click Workflow.
  3. Scroll to the BACK OFFICE section and change your delimiter type by selecting it from the dropdown menu labeled CSV delimiter. For example, exports created with the semicolon [ ; ] delimiter caused a broken export, so select the comma [ , ] delimiter instead.
  4. Click Save.

Compares a broken CSV with a good one.

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