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How customers organize products

When a customer searches for products, clicks on a category or clicks on a brand, they see the collection of the associated products. Customers can use options that usually appear the left-hand side of the screen. The location of these options will depend on your theme.

Customers can organize by:

Customers can also search for products. Read Product fields searched by eCom for more information.

Sorting products

When sorting products, the options are: Most viewed, Newest products, Lowest price, Highest price, Name ascending and Name descending. For more information about these options and how to set the default value, click here.

Filtering using a price slider

A lower and upper price limit can be set to filter products on the page. The price slider's limits are defined by the products on the page. For example, if a price slider has a maximum price of $300, this is because the most expensive product on the page is $300.

Filtering by brand

The products that appear in a selected brand must be visible and be associated to the brand. For more information on how to add a brand to a product, click here.

Using your custom filters

When setup, your custom filters will appear in collection pages, if products on that page have assigned filter values. For more information on filters, click here.

Switch views from grid to list

Depending on the number of options on a page and whether your products have images, your customers may prefer a different layout. For more information and to learn how to set the default option, click here.

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