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Mapping theme settings

You can map theme settings to make it easier for you and your employees to design your store. Once mapped, users can preview their theme edits before publishing and find settings more easily.

  1. From your eCom admin, go to Design.
  2. Select Advanced > Edit code. If you receive a pop-up message asking if you want to edit code, read this important section below.
  3. Select MoreManage settings.
  4. Unmapped settings are marked with an orange exclamation symbol. Hover over the symbol to see which settings are missing. Click the name of the setting to open it.
  5. Complete the form and click Save. For more information about this form, click here.
  6. Repeat these steps until all settings have been mapped.

Feature differences

 Feature Unmapped Mapped


Only the homepage

Points to specific pages in the eCom store

Preview before publish  Only homepage design edits All theme edits
Setting organization None. All settings are displayed in a list. Settings are divided into tabs, then organized into categories.

Editing your theme's code to map your theme's settings

This section applies to you if you receive a pop-up message when following step 2 in the instructions above. Before you unlock your theme code to map your theme settings, be aware of these points:

  • Editing the theme's code is only reversible with an investment in time and effort in backing up your theme settings and code, then reinstalling your theme.
  • Editing the theme's code prevents you from receiving the future mapped theme settings provided by the theme developer. Contact your theme developer to find out when they will be able to map your theme settings. Read Receiving support for your theme for more information.
  • Only continue if you also plan to customize the code of your theme. Read more about editing your theme's code to understand what happens when you select Edit code.

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