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Preventing automatic invoices for new orders

In Lightspeed eCom, you can set invoices to be created manually or when the customer pays for their order. By following these instructions, your customers will not receive an invoice in the first order notification that is sent after an order is placed. After changing these settings, you can also configure eCom to only send invoices after a successful payment.

  1. In your back office, go to Settings.
  2. Under the General Settings column, select Administration.
  3. In the INVOICES section, select Paid from the menu labeled Create.
  4. Select Save.

Default settings

The default setting in Settings > Administration > Invoices is Direct. With this setting, new orders are created with invoices even before a payment has been received. This way, unpaid invoices are sent to customers as a confirmation that a new order has been received. Then once paid, a second email is sent confirming the order has been paid. This is explained in more details in the notification email overview

Creating invoices manually

The Manual invoice setting requires you to create a new invoice every time you receive a new order. This may be too repetitive for most eCom merchants. However if you require it, you can follow the instructions above selecting Manual, instead of Paid.

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