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Viewing gift card balances and details

Under Customers > Gift Cards, you can quickly and easily view the current balance on a customer's gift card, among many other helpful details about the gift card. These details include the following:


  • Last four digits of the gift card code
  • The status of the gift card
  • Current balance remaining on the gift card
  • Customer associated with the gift card
  • Order number (sale) associated with the purchase of the gift card
  • Purchase date
  • History of purchases associated with the gift card


From here, you can also cancel a gift card or resend a gift card to your customer. This is helpful if your customer has lost their gift card, for example. For security reasons, however, you can't see the full gift card codes of your customers' gift cards from your account.

To see these gift card details when you navigate to Customers > Gift Cards, you first need to select Manage gift cards and configure your gift card settings for the first time. Once you save your settings, you'll be able to view the balance and details of gift cards going forward when you go to Customers > Gift Cards.


Note: If your Lightspeed Retail account was migrated from the original gift card version to this new gift card version, follow the above steps as well when you navigate to Customers > Gift Cards for the first time. Once you do, you'll be able to see your existing gift cards under Customers > Gift Cards.


To view the balance and details of a gift card:


  1. From the main menu, go to Customers Gift Cards
    Note: If you have a physical store, you can also go to Customers > Gift cards from Lightspeed Retail.
  2. Search for your customer's gift card code.
    Note: Searching for a customer's name to find a gift card is not supported, for now.
  3. Select the gift card number to open its details.


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