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3 a. Rain - page structure


The two layout pages fixed.rain and custom.rain are the main pages used for themes.

fixed.rain should be used in the case of “off-limits” pages, such as the checkout pages.

custom.rain is the main index file of the your theme.

Both files should be similar in order to include a cohesive look & feel for your client's website.


There are a number of required pages for each theme. Here is a brief explanation for each of them:

  • brands.rain : Displays all of the shop’s brands at shop.url/brands
  • catalog.rain : Displays a list the shop categories at shop.url/catalog, often used with collection.rain
  • collection.rain : Displays the full list of the shop’s products at shop.url/collection
  • index.rain : Displays the home (index) page
  • product.rain : Displays a single product page
  • tags.rain : Displays all of the shop’s tags at shop.url/tags
  • textpage.rain : Displays user content (ex: the About Us page or the Terms & Conditions page, as well as extra user-created pages)


Snippets (or snippet pages) are complementary pages that can be included from inside other pages in order to simplify your structure or quickly insert pieces of code throughout your theme. You can include your snippets using this code:

{% include 'snippets/filename.rain' %}

Some commonly used Snippets:

  • products.rain : Displays each product in a grid or list from within other pages, such as the index)
  • breadcrumbs.rain : Displays the path to the current page
  • bundleproduct.rain : Contains the necessary code to display bundle products on a product page
  • header.rain
  • footer.rain
  • sidebar.rain 

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