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Set up a discount rule for "Buy x Products from Categories, Receive y Discount on the Lowest Priced Product"

  1. Create your discount rule.
  2. Go to the Discount Rules page (Marketing > Discount Rules).
  3. In the table, click the discount name. The configuration settings for the rule display.
  4. Under DISCOUNT RULES, configure the following:

    • Title – Edit the discount rule's name, if desired. This is the name you specified when creating the rule.
    • Type of discount – The discount type you selected when creating the rule. The type CANNOT be changed.
    • Enable discount rule – Activate the discount rule. It becomes active in your online store immediately.
    • Stop after this rule (enabled by default) – This setting allows you to control how Lightspeed eCom treats rules that overlap. For more information, see Understanding the Stop after this rule setting.
    • Apply discount before tax (enabled by default) - This setting is only available for tax-exclusive stores—for example, merchants from the US and Canada or some business-to-business (B2B) merchants. It allows tax-exclusive merchants to specify whether or not to have the discount applied on the original purchase price of products (before taxes are added), or after all applicable taxes have been calculated. By default, this toggle is set to apply the discount before taxes.
    1. In the From selected categories, buy: field, specify the minimum number of products that a customer must purchase in the specified category or categories to receive a discount on the lowest-priced product(s).
    2. In the Discount the lowest priced product: field, specify the discount percentage to apply.

    Important considerations:

    • This discount rule applies to single products (products without variants) and products with variants (matrices and product sets). However, if a customer orders 2 of the same product variants, the discount rule will not trigger.
    • If a duplicate of this discount rule exists, the discount is applied again. However, if a customer orders more than the required quantity in the same transaction, the rule will not trigger a second time. For example, if you set the number of products that a customer must purchase to 5 for the discount to apply, and the customer orders 10 products, the discount will only trigger once.
  6. Under CATEGORIES, select at least one category to apply the discount rule to. If you do not select a category, the discount rule will never trigger.
  7. Under the USAGE and DATES areas, configure the following general options for the rule:

    • Usage –Specify how many times the discount rule may be applied: either indefinitely, or a set number of times.
    • Times Used - This counter shows you how often the discount rule was applied (to date). You can reset the counter by clicking Reset.

    • Set period for this discount rule – Set this toggle to on and specify start and end dates if you want this discount rule to be available for a limited time; for example, for seasonal discounts. The time period expires on the selected date at 11:59PM (23:59). For more information about synchronizing discount expiry, click here.
  8. Click Save.

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