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Migrating Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4

As of July 1, 2023, Google Universal Analytics will no longer process data and will upgrade all users to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). This new feature is tailored to continue to help you gather enhanced data on your customers and analyze it efficiently and effectively. You can migrate to GA4 anytime before July 1st. To get a head start, this article will guide you through the steps to migrate to GA4 and familiarize yourself with this new feature.

Getting started

To start your migration journey, you must: 

  • Have an existing Google Universal Analytics account. 
  • Have Admin or Editor access in your Google Universal Analytics account. 

Creating Google Analytics 4 property

  1. Go to your existing Universal Analytics account. 
  2. In the main menu, click Admin. Universal-Analytics-admin.png 
  3. Under Property, click GA4 Setup Assistant.Setup-assistant.png 
  4. Under I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property, click Get Started. get-started.png 
  5. A pop-up window explaining the setup assistant will appear, click Create and Continue. create-continue.png 
  6. As you successfully created your properties from Universal Analytics to GA4, click Go to your GA4 property. Go-to-property.png 

Finding your Measurement ID in Google Analytics 4

  1. In Google Analytics 4, in the main menu, click Admin. Admin-2.png 
  2. Under Property, click Data Streams. data-stream.png 
  3. You will see your store information. Click the > arrow to expand your web stream details.Arrow-expand.png 
  4. Under Measurement ID, highlight your Measurement ID, click the right button on your mouse, and select Copy. Alternatively, click the rectangle icon to copy your Measurement ID. You will need it to complete the next steps.measurement.png 

Connecting GA4 to the eCom back office 

  1. Log in to the eCom back office. 
  2. On the left menu, go to Settings.
  3. In the Website settings column, select Web statistics.  
  4. Click Set up Google Analytics 4. Google-analytics-4.png 
  5. Next to Status, toggle it On, and type in your Measurement ID. Status-measurement-google-analytics-4.png 
  6. Click Save.Save-google-analytics-4.png 

You're all set! You're now ready to use Google Analytics 4!

What's next?

Follow the instructions from the GA4 assistant wizard

The GA4 assistant is here to guide you in GA4 by showing your existing analytics reports into new properties, allowing you to have your existing properties alongside your new properties, and helping you explore the new features of Google Analytics 4. 

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