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Adding content to your online store

Your online store is much more than just a site for your customers to buy your products. It should also:

  • tell your customers about your business and invite them to shop
  • market your brand and help build brand loyalty
  • help you establish an online presence

Lightspeed eCom gives you several ways you can add rich content to your online business: 

Text pages

On the left menu of the Back Office click Content, select a page and create a compelling story for your online store, such as how it came into existence, your vision, general terms and conditions and information about payment and shipping methods.

NOTE: We recommend that you avoid using H1 tags in content pages, because your online store's theme uses H1 tags to highlight product names and/or titles. Use H2 and/or H3 tags instead.

Notification emails

Lightspeed eCom automatically sends email notifications to your customers—for example, when they place an order or when an order is ready for shipment. You can edit and customize the contents of these emails to reflect your brand and messaging.

To do this, on the left menu of the Back Office go to Settings > Website Settings > Notification Emails.


Create an informative Frequently asked questions page for your customers, to respond to some standard and often-asked questions about your business (shipping, payment terms and so on) and products. You can also create categories of questions to help your customers quickly find the answers they're searching for.

To create an FAQ, in the left menu of the Back Office go to Content > FAQs.


Upgrade your online store to an Advanced or Professional plan to enable Lightspeed eCom's built-in blogging engine.

Blogging is an ideal marketing tool to drive traffic to your site by improving your site's SEO, which in turn, can boost sales for your business and expand your customer base.

By giving your brand and business a voice through compelling stories, blog posts convert visitors into customers and help drive customer engagement.

To manage and create blog posts, on the left menu of the Back Office click Blogs.

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