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Adding headlines

Headlines are images that form the image slider displayed on your homepage. Headlines are an excellent tools to display promotions. You must separately configure the headlines for each language.

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Headline number and supported image formats:
  • Some themes have a limit of the number of headlines you can display. Check your theme manual for more information. To learn how to find your theme manual, click here.
  • To check for supported images formats, click here.


Language Summary Video

Learn how to add headlines, banner, featured category and brand images.

Discusses headlines from 0:24 to 03:50.


  1. On the left menu of the Back Office click Design > Headlines.
  2. At the top of the screen click Add headlines. If you add several images, they will form a slideshow.

  3. Configure the headline.
    • Title - the name of the headline. Depending on the theme you use this will also appear in the headline.
    • Language - language in which the headline will be displayed. The languages available are the languages added from Settings > Shop Settings > Shop country. If you want the same headline to appear in all languages used in your store, create the headline for each language.
  4. Click Save at the top right of the screen to create the headline.
    • Link to - You can redirect a header to a category, brand, product or external link. Select the option the headline should redirect to in the Type field. From the second list you can choose the page the headline should link to. If you choose Product in the Type field, you can choose the product to headline should redirect to from the second list. If you choose Custom in the Type field, you can refer to an external website.
    • Image - click Browse to upload an image.


You can change the order of headlines by clicking the stripes icon and dragging the image to reposition it.


Compression is applied to each headline. It is used as a system limit, to prevent disadvantageous effects on system performance. If compression would not be applied, for example, your online store would load significantly slower.

About recommended theme dimensions

Each theme will have recommended sizes for headlines. For best results, make sure the size of your images matches the dimensions specified, otherwise they will be stretched or compressed. When you upload images that are larger in size, maintain a dimension ratio matching the proportions in the table. We recommend you use .PNGs.

Visit Locating theme manuals to find out how to access this information.

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