Considerations when installing a new theme

Lightspeed eCom allows you to change the theme of your online store at any time, but keep the following considerations in mind when doing so:

  • Theme-related settings - All theme-related settings that you previously configured for your store, under Design > Theme Editor > Customize Theme in the left menu of the Back Office, will be overwritten by the default settings of the new theme. Before intalling a new theme, we strongly recommend that you copy all color settings and related style changes, as you will not be able to restore them later.


  • Code customizations - All code customizations that you previously made for your store using the Theme Editor, under Design > Theme Editor in the left menu of the Back Office, will be lost. The (HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript) code in the Theme Editor will be replaced by the new theme's code. Before installing a new theme, we strongly recommend that you copy any code changes, as they cannot be restored later.


  • Subscription with free theme - If you have a special arrangement with us entitling you to a free theme with your subscription, please notify us before switching over to a paid theme. In this situation, your theme selections are limited to themes built by Lightspeed.

NOTE: When installing a new theme, you only pay for the theme that your store is actively using. For example, if you are paying $12 per month for your old theme, and then install a new theme that costs $10 per month, you'll only pay $10 each month as soon as you install the new theme.

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