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Effects of installing a new theme

Installing a new theme makes live changes immediately. This can be abrupt for your customers currently using your eCom store.

Installing a new theme has the following effects:

  • Theme-related settings - All theme-related settings that you previously configured for your store. From your eCom admin, select Design. Select Edit theme on the right-hand side of the screen. All information here will be overwritten by the default settings of the new theme.
  • Code customizations - All changes that you previously made for your store using the code editor will be lost. The code editor is found in your eCom Back Office by clicking Design > ADVANCED Edit code. The (HTML, CSS and/or JavaScript) code in the Theme Editor will be replaced by the new theme's code.
  • Theme prices - When installing a new theme, you only pay for the theme that your store is actively using. For example, if you are paying $12 per month for your old theme, and then install a new theme that costs $10 per month, you'll only pay $10 each month as soon as you install the new theme.

Read Reducing the effects of installing a theme for more information.

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