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Understanding eCom mobile stores

In Lightspeed eCom you can activate a mobile version of your online store. See Activating your mobile store.


  • Mobile stores are only for smartphones. Because of their screen size, tablets display the regular store interface.
  • This feature is only available for European eCom stores.

All of the themes in the Theme Store have a responsive layout. Use the mobile option only if you use an old theme with a non-responsive design.  If you are not sure  contact Lightspeed Support.

About Responsive Themes

There are many responsive designs available through Design > Theme Store. These designs automatically adapt to the screen size of the device they're viewed on, including tablets.


If you do not yet have a responsive theme, we recommend switching to one as soon as possible.

NOTE: When you change your theme, all settings reachable through WEBSITE > Design > Theme editor > Theme editor and WEBSITE > Design > Theme editor > Customize in the left menu are cancelled. Before you install a new theme, make sure to first save your settings and changes.

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