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Configuring your account

To configure your account settings either click your name at the top of the screen and then My account, or on the left menu of the Back Office click Settings and from General Settings click Account


This data is used when you send a ticket to Lightspeed eCom. 

  • Upload avatar - Your profile picture, not publicly visible.
  • First name - Your first name.
  • Last name - Your last name.
  • Date of Birth - Your date of birth.
  • Email - Change your login email. Click Change to modify your email.
  • Phone - Your phone number.
  • Mobile - Your mobile number.


Configure the default language of your Backoffice and its time zone.


  • Language - Default language of your Backoffice.
  • Time zone - Your time zone.
  • Date format - Chooose from 12/11/2015, November 12 2015, 12 November 2015.
  • Time format - Choose from 4:00 PM, 16:00.


Displays the devices used to log into the Backoffice of your online shop. If you do not recognize a session, click Revoke to close it and log the user out of the Backoffice. 


Note: The Documents section is for files connected to your Lightspeed account. If you have other files you want to upload, in the left menu of the Backoffice go to SYSTEM > Tools > Files.  



  • Email shop activity - Activate this to get e-mail notifications when online activities occur in your online store, such as Order Placed, Order Shipped and  Customer Added. To find these activities in the left menu of the Backoffice go to MY ACCOUNT > Activities.
  • Mail new orders - Activate this to get e-mail notifications of new customer orders. 


You can add documents relevant to your online store, such as agreements with suppliers. To add a document, click the green + in the navigation at the top of the screen and browse for files on your computer. Select the documents you want to add and click Open.


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