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Notifying customers about cookies

Cookies are used to track your customer's behaviour on your website. In regions following privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA, and Google Consent mode you are required to obtain permission before enabling cookies. It is recommended you offer the choice of cookies. Depending on your customer's selection, they can block analytics, advertising, and social cookies, as well as scripts that are added in your theme editor with the following format:

{% if shop.cookies.allow == 'true' %} // OWN CODE {% endif %}

Merchants who are located or do business in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Quebec, Canada, must follow Google Consent mode regulations. For more information about how Google Consent mode interacts with the Lightspeed cookie bar, refer to our Google Consent mode FAQ.

Setting your cookie law option

  1. In your eCom admin, navigate to Settings Web extras.
  2. Scroll to COOKIE LAW and change the Mode to: Show a custom message on the first page.Retail-C-set-cookielaw.png
  3. In the text box, write a custom message. This message should include information about each cookie your website uses, including the purpose, who may have access to the collected data, and how users can withdraw or manage consent.
  4. Click Save.

Themes and apps are capable of ignoring Lightspeed's cookie confirmation banner, depending on their design. It is recommended you contact your theme and app store partners to ensure only compliant cookies are used. Once you have changed your cookie settings, we recommend you update the privacy policy regarding your cookies.

Understanding cookie law options


Show a custom message on the first page

This option allows you to write a custom cookie notification message and include links to your privacy and cookie policies. This option requires customers to allow cookies before tracking data is sent to Google and gives your customers the opportunity to enable or disable analytics, advertisements or social cookies.

Confirmation is required for cookies

In the EEA and Quebec, Canada, this option requires your customer to consent to cookies before tracking data is sent to Google.

Just show a warning and enable cookies

This option tells customers that your site uses cookies but does not allow them to give consent. This option is not compliant with Google Consent mode, GDPR, and CCPA guidelines.


This option disables the cookie bar. As Lightspeed's cookielaw is 'Opt-in', consent is required before data can be collected. If this option is selected, no analytics, advertisements or social tracking data will be collected. 

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