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Notifying customers about cookies

Cookies are used to track your customer's behaviour on your website. In regions following privacy laws like GDPR or CCPA, you may be required to obtain permission before enabling cookies. It is recommended you offer the choice of cookies.

  1. In your eCom admin, select Settings.
  2. Select Web extras.
  3. Scroll to COOKIE LAW and change the Mode to: Show a custom message on the first page.
  4. In the text box that appears, write a custom message. For example: Please enable cookies to help us improve this website.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Contact your third-party partner integrations.
  7. Update the privacy policy regarding your cookies.

Contacting your third-party partner integrations

Themes and apps are capable of ignoring Lightspeed's cookie confirmation banner, depending on their design. So it is recommended you contact your theme and/or app store partners to ensure:

  • Only compliant cookies are used.
  • Non-compliant cookies are disabled according to Lightspeed's Cookie confirmation banner when required.

Locate the contact information for installed themes and apps in your eCom admin by:

  1. Selecting Apps Purchased Apps from the sidebar.
  2. Open the dropdown menu by selecting a theme or app that has the status INSTALLED
  3. Select the link to be directed to the theme or app page. On this page you will find the partner's contact information.

More information

  1. Refer to an explanation of the other cookie options.
  2. Review details regarding the Regulations in Europe and California.

Cookie options

When you select one of the modes, the cookie bar that is displayed will change.


Show a custom message on the first page (Recommended) - A textbox appears to allow you to enter a customer message that is showed on top of your homepage beside a Manage cookies button. 

Clicking the Manage cookies button gives your customers the opportunity to enable or disable analytics, advertisements or social cookies.


Disabled - Deactivates the cookie bar, all cookies are enabled. No banner

Confirmation is required for cookies - A banner is displayed at the top of the page. Customers must first accept cookies before they are enabled on your website.


Just show a warning and enable cookies - A message is displayed indicating that the website is using cookies. All cookies are enabled


Regulations in Europe and California

For merchants affected by privacy laws, it is important to know which settings are compliant.

The most compliant cookie confirmation banner is enabled by selecting the option called Show a custom message on the first page. This setting creates a banner at the top of the screen with a custom message, giving customers the opportunity to select the cookies they want to enable.

Depending on their selection, the options can block:

  1. The Google Analytics and Clicky cookies that are integrated with Lightspeed when you select Settings > Web Statistics.
  2. Advertisement or social cookies.
  3. Scripts added in the theme editor that use the following format:

    {% if shop.cookies.allow == 'true' %} // OWN CODE {% endif %}

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