About customer accounts [NB]

When your customers log into your online store and access their My account page, they see a dashboard of their account, with an overview of recently placed orders and their account data.

From the My account page, your customers can send tickets, modify their account information and address details, and view their shopping cart and wish list.

They can also click My orders to see an overview of their orders, as well as the details of individual orders.

Wish lists

Your customers can add items from your online store to their wish lists, making it easy for them to keep track of all the products they desire. Then, from the My wishlist page (under My accounts), your customers can see all the items they added to their wish lists. They can also add wishlisted products to their shopping cart directly from the My wishlist page.

All your customers' wish lists are visible in the Back Office, including the total number of wish lists in your online store and the total number of products added to wish lists. The Back Office also informs you of the most popular products in your customers' wish lists, based on how often the products have been wishlisted. For more information, see Viewing customer wish lists.


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