Custom feeds: creating your own feed

Lightspeed eCom already offers integrations with comparison sites, including Kelkoo, and Google Shopping. They can be easily activated through the Back Office of your online store, allowing your products to be sent to comparison sites immediately. Naturally, there are also sites for which Lightspeed does not yet provide integrations. With the feed builder you can set up a feed yourself. This will enable you to decide yourself to which sites you want to export product information to. You can find the feed builder through SYSTEM > Settings > WEBSITE SETTINGS > Feeds > "Go to custom feeds" in the left menu of the Back Office.


Here you will find private and public feeds. Public feeds cannot be modified, since they have to be identical to all Lightspeed eCom customers. Private feeds however, can be changed. Would you like to create a new feed? Click the green plus icon in the navigation at the top of the screen. We advise you to only proceed when you have sufficient knowledge of the codes displayed at the following pages.

The data tags shown offer you the opportunity to forward selected data to external platforms. Copy these codes and put double brackets around them. A tag should look like this: {{ Tag name }}.


NOTE: Keep in mind that sufficient technical knowledge is an absolute requirement when creating a new feed. Making changes when you do not understand the codes involved may have serious consequences for your online store.

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